Shoe Dog by Phil Knight is one of the best book i have ever read.Not only that,Bill Gates named ‘Shoe Dog’ to be the best book he read in 2016.In the first memoir,the Founder of Nike and ex Blue Ribbon Company told the readers how it was all started.A small shoe seller who started from car’s trunk proved the world that only Hard-work and consistency can bring a man in Forbes Richest People In The World List.

It was all started when Phil Knight(nickname-Buck) got dropped from his college basketball team.He got upset as well as depressed but God was planning something big for him which he might not be able to guess at that time.One day,his mother suggested him to start participating in Race because failing in one sport or field doesn’t mean to stop trying.Being upset and depressed,Phil Knight liked the idea of his mother and start practicing in race competitions.He proved suddenly that he is one of the finest Racer of his town and proved himself.In 1962,Knight got the one more idea,idea was simple and unique:start selling the racing shoes.Knight asked his father to lend him some money as he wants to go on a World Tour.His father agreed and lend him some money.Knight without wasting time started his world tour.Meanwhile,Japan was working hard to re-stabilize itself,government was in full pace by establishing new industries for people of Japan and Japan was trying it’s best to recover the losses of 1945 Atomic Attack.Meanwhile,Knight went to Japan and met the managers of ‘Onitsuka Tiger’ and requested to give him a distributing liscense of Onitsuka for some parts in America. Onitsuka’s team was very excited to expand its business to America by leaving the Atomic War behind.Thus a new company with a name ‘Blue Ribbon’ was born in 1964.Later on,Knight’s coach asked for a partnership and got 49% shares of newly born American shoe selling company ‘Blue Ribbon’.Time passed,sales of Blue Ribbon were recording All-time high each and every year.Blue Ribbon was getting bigger and stronger day by day.But then,twist came in Knight’s life.Knight conjecture by the behaviors that Onitsuka is no longer interested in doing business with Blue Ribbon Company and they will be looking forward to give distribution liscense to any other big fish.Without wasting time,Knight went to China and gave an order of shoes to a small company.Now it’s time to start a new company leaving Blue Ribbon and Onitsuka behind.The name “NIKE” was came in a dream of his colleague working in Blue-Ribbon store.

Thus,a new company came into being with the name “NIKE” in 1971 and started its journey with the first lot of the shoes which were made in China with the label “Nike” on it.

I would highly recommend this book to every book reader.For me it is: 4.9/5

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