Being a Pakistani we are proud of being its citizen. We all would love to see our country, our beloved land free of all problems like corruption and health issues. but unfortunately, we haven’t done much as a nation for our country. Still, after 72 years, we are facing the same issues and same problems, proving the worth and abilities of our ex-politicians, prime ministers and all other authority holders. Let we discuss some of the problems we are facing since getting an independent state.

Founder of Pakistan,Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.


Health is one of the most basic necessity for living a good life. All our functional abilities, as well as physical abilities, are directly concerned with health. But wait, Is our government giving us any kind of Health Facilities? Not only that, health facility is the problem of our beloved country since day one. We didn’t have enough hospitals and ambulances in 1947 and unluckily, we still don’t have enough hospitals and ambulances in 2019. Quaid-e-Azam (Muhammad Ali Jinnah), the founder of Pakistan during his last minutes was travelling to Hospital in an ambulance but his ambulance messed up and He passed away in an ambulance. From that date until now, an ambulance is still a major problem of our country, No government ambulances exist in Karachi or in any other part of the country available for help in emergencies. During the last 20 years, I haven’t seen any ambulance of the Sindh government. All thanks and respect to late Abdul Sattar Edhi (founder of Edhi foundation) whose ambulance network is the world’s largest, serving the people all over the country almost free of charge.

Financial Problems:

Pakistan during its early years faces lots of problems related to the economy, there was no money available to run the government and guess what? we still don’t have enough money to run the government. Each and every citizen of our country is entrapped in dept of almost Rupees 0.2 million taken by our Ex prime-ministers and governments so that they can enjoy a luxurious life and can make their personal properties with that loan which was given to be used for the betterment of our country. And yes that’s true, those corrupt politicians are still fighting in elections and were winning with majority votes till 2018.72 years have been passed and still the same financial problems indicate, we were a nation also don’t want ourselves to improve. There is a very famous quote that fits here:


Water Problems:

Pakistan had faced water problems after independence. An agreement was signed for that dispute between Pakistan and India known as “Indus Basin Treaty” with the help of the World Bank.[Before writing further related to Water Problems, let me connect you this topic with about the fight between America and Chinese giant Huawei, When they received the news that they will not be allowed to use any Google services they made their own OS rather than begging for an un-ban]. We all know very well that India doesn’t want Pakistan on the map of the world so why we were not able to find an alternative in the last 72 years? Why we are still too much dependent upon the rivers coming from India? Why we weren’t able to construct the dams on the route of those river coming from India, so that in case if India stops our water we can still have enough water for our locals. Instead of begging for water in future from India, we should follow the policy Huawei followed and should start making dams now.

Also, there was a movement started to contribute money for Dams by honourable retired Chief Justice of Supreme Court MIAN SAQIB NISAR. I don’t agree with that movement too. Today we are collecting for dams, tomorrow we will be collecting for some other cause and then for some other cause. Unfortunately in Pakistan, there is a problem that no one wills to do his or her own work. Instead of doing our work we would love to interfere in someone’s work. The person whose task was to serve Justice, whose task was to fill the gap available in our constitution regarding laws. The person whose task was to resolve why the court is taking ten years for a single case is asking for funds for a dam. Similarly, Ali Zaidi(Federal Minister of Maritime Affairs) instead of doing his duty of seeing maritime affairs is asking for and collecting funds to Clean Karachi.

Unfortunately, we are now 72 years behind the world and we cannot start competing with the world until we don’t want ourselves to change. We need to change our self first, rest will be done automatically.

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Bilal Khan

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