tldr; Buy some bitcoin and do not under any circumstances try to sell it.

Photo by Aleksi Räisä / Unsplash

Let me take you back to 2018, I always want to make quick money. I saved some money to start some side hustle, to make some passive income. I had few options, start an eCommerce store, buy the stocks of top-performing companies or invest in some mutual funds. But there was a problem, I was under 18 and there are so many restrictions for the teenagers willing to invest internationally.

One day, I was scrolling Reddit and found a post about how someone made millions when the bitcoin hit ATH back in 2017. I was looking for an opportunity then and I start reading about this new shit Bitcoin. Countless articles, guides, and YouTube videos to learn the fundamentals of how bitcoin works.

Next thing, I asked my Dad to believe and buy some Bitcoin but he said a huge NO! Long story short I managed to buy some bitcoin at $9,000 and made some a good amount of money by trading.

Until August 2020, when something odd happened. I had a huge loss and decided to quit the game and start living a normal life. I never thought someday Bitcoin could hit 30,000, 40,000, and 45,000.

I sold all my remaining holdings at $11000 and never looked back. I wish I had kept my BTC instead of selling it at $11,000.

Until Next!

-Bilal Khan