Web scraping is the process in which you can extract public data from the website. The public data can be anything of the site. The web crawling and web pages readability are sometimes defined by using the term “web scraping”. Scrape Owl is a simple web scraping and data extraction API that helps in sending requests specifying the website and its elements you want to scrape.

Web scraping is the process of scraping and extracting the public data from the website so that it can be used for some purpose. But there are some chances of getting blocked while scraping the web. That’s where Scrape owl comes to help.

In this tutorial, we will take a look on how web scraping works, what is web scraping used for, and how to get started with scrape owl.

What is web scraping used for?

The uses of web scraping for business and personal requirements are endless. Each business or individual has own specific needs for gathering data. We are discussing few of the common usage scenarios for web scraping and web crawling.

  • Real time analytics

Many science projects require real-time or near real-time data for analytics. This can be helped by using APIs to crawl the websites. API crawls the required information at a very high frequency and speed. This gives real-time data for analytics.

  • Competitive Product Data Monitoring

E-commerce businesses and online shops compete against thousands of products having same features, and descriptions. Web crawling automates the process by helping businesses to monitor all the competitor’s data effectively.

  • Predictive Analysis

Predictive analysis is one of the most important tools in business today. It’s all about forecasting what the probabilities are. Predictive analysis can’t accurately predict the future, but it can give you a good picture of what the possibilities are.

Advantages of using Scrape Owl for Web Scraping.

  • Easy to integrate
  • Low maintenance
  • Accuracy

Easy to integrate:

Scrape owl API is user-friendly, can be used along with features like JavaScript rendering and premium proxies. The API request builder comes with both JSON and CURL preview. You don’t need to download tools, install shady browser plugins or proxy servers to create an API.

Cost and maintenance:

Scrape Owl provides an essential web scraping services at a low cost along with keeping an eye on the website changes as well as ensuring API works well every time.


One aspect that is often overlooked is Accuracy. Scrape Owl API services are not only fast, they are accurate too. In websites that deal in pricing data, real estate numbers or any other kind of financial data, simple errors in data extraction may cause major mistakes later on.

Getting Started with Scrape Owl

Scrape Owl is a complete web scraping solution for developers. Sign up at for a free trial with no Credit Card information required. The free starting plan comes up with 1000 API calls, JavaScript rendering and premium proxies.

You can start building your API in API Request builder section.

  • Provide URL of the website
  • Provide the CSS selector or XPath of the element you want to parse.

Mean while on the right section, you can find your JSON and CURL request ready to be used. That’s all for creating a simple API request. But some website are powered by JavaScript and original data could only be obtained after rendering process.

To enable JavaScript rendering, all you need to do is tick the JavaScript Rendering box.

Not only that, you can also use Premium Proxies for a more refined experience on Scrape Owl.

Summing it Up is the leading API service provider, ScrapeOwl offers premium quality scrape & grab data, extracting data from any web page using a simple API and an advanced Perl-based scraper. Whether it be scraping websites related to information or product scraping, ScrapeOwl is the place to start.