Seven days from the third decade of the 21st-century has been passed out and you might be the one who has started facing out problems in sticking yourself with your new year's resolution. It can be to learn a new language, saving money or to get yourself in a reputable university.In the world full of distractions, 80% people don’t stick to their new year resolution but you can still achieve your goals by changing the way you look at them and by slightly changing your habits. Be realistic to yourself while making your goals because you can’t lie to yourself.

Here are the 5 steps that can help you to stick to your new year’s resolution.

1-Forming the Road map:


If you know the desired output but don’t know the process then you can never get to the desired output.Writing your goals on a piece of paper isn’t enough to achieve them. After writing ask yourself how will you achieve these goals. A complete strategic plan on how to achieve the goal and what step have to be taken to achieve the goal is a compulsory and most needed step to stick to new year’s resolution.

2-Reminding YourSelf:

Most of us often create goals in full momentum and spirit but don’t remember after 1 night. Be specific while making your goals, stick your goals on the mirror and read them out every morning so that you can work on your goals with the same hustle you wrote them. Tell your best friend about your new year resolutions so that they can judge and support you through the process, making you more accountable.

3-One Step At A Time:

Your resolution probably consists of more than one points but trying to achieving everything in a single shot is full of mess, so never try doing it. Start your year by achieving small things. Studying 24 hours straight to get the first position in the class is a little bit awkward as well as unrealistic. A better approach would be to start studying with 5 hours daily and then gradually increasing study time. Always reserve time for every goal at different slots, mark it on your calendar and try to focus at one goal at a time.

“You can get anywhere if you simply go one step at a time.” -Dave Ramsey

4-Believing In Yourself:

You might never realize but self-confidence always affects our focus, concentration and will to achieve any goal. Always try your best and 100% to achieve your goal with no backup plan in your mind. You can’t say you cannot do it because there is someone in the same world similar to you who has achieved the same thing with the same mind under the same conditions. Be ready to leave the comfort zone to achieve anything. Try to meditate every time before starting your work to achieve your goal. Believing in your soul can help you to become productive.

5-Rewarding Yourself:

Rewarding yourself for achieving the goal is good and necessary for everyone. Always celebrate your success, tell it to your (judge) friend who helped you by supporting and making you accountable. By rewarding our mind extracts some emotions and feelings that are good and will start to link pleasure to accomplishing the goal or objective.

Until Next time.

Bilal Khan.